​​​​​ University Integrations - Public Comment 

​​University integrations in the West and Northeast were unanimously approved by the Board of Governors on July 14, 2021. This effort is designed to increase opportunities for students while ensuring our institutions are here to serve for decades to come. By bringing California, Clarion and Edinboro together in the West and Bloomsburg, Lock Haven and Mansfield​ together in the east we can: 

  • Expand program breadth while maintaining essential residential character at each campus  
  • Capitalize on existing strengths at all institutions; achieve more together than any one of them could do alone  
  • Invest in new areas to serve new students who need our help, growing enrollment, driving regional economic development  
  • Re-tool and strengthen supports for all students  
  • Reduce administrative costs investing savings in student success 

Read the plans 

Prior to Board approval, the team completed updates to the implementation plans for the West and Northeast integrations based on the public comments received. Those changes were shared during the May and June public workshops of the Board of Governors. The “Guide to Plan Changes" provides an overview of the changes that were made in each section of the plans. That document will look familiar because it was built using the same information we shared at the workshops. The plans were unanimpusly approved by the Board at its July 14-15, 2021​ meeting. 

View Past Public Hearing​s 

The Board of Governors held four public hearings to receive public comments regarding the proposed university integrations plans​​. While each hearing was designated for a particular plan, the Board welcomed comments on either or both plans at all sessions.


View Public Comments Received

Our integrations teams continue to review and analyze the feedback received during the public comment period. Batch onebatch two, and batch three​ of the public comments are now published on the site. These comments are driving changes to the plans that will be re-posted on this site prior to the July 14-15 meeting. 

Offer your feedback 

Approval of the plans is just the beginning of a multi-year, collaborative process to bring these universities together. We welcome your input all along the way: