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Help advance the System’s public mission of access and affordability and request for increased state support by spreading news and messages promoting the impact and value of a State System education with your social networks and building relationships with state legislators.​

For Fiscal Year (FY) 2021-22, the State System is seeking: 

  • $487 million in the System’s annual state appropriations, a 2% increase over the current year

  • $25 million for System Redesign efforts, a $100 million effort to modernize the System’s operating infrastructure to better support students and improve efficiencies

It is imperative that Pennsylvania’s General Assembly continue its supportive relationship with the State System and the Commonwealth, providing the necessary financial resources for the System to be adaptable in the 21st higher education marketplace.  

​As a member of the State System family, e.g., student, faculty member, graduate, you play a unique role because you can speak to the impact of a State System education and why robust state support for the State System is critical to the economic, social, and cultural development of Pennsylvania’s communities, the Commonwealth, and the nation.

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