Human Resources

Labor Relations

The Office of System Labor Relations provides collective bargaining support through the bargaining process, as well as ongoing support to universities for the implementation of the collective bargaining agreements and nonrepresented employee relations. 
Employee Relations
This service is available for all employee groups at the university or the Office of the Chancellor. Authorized requestor may contact the Labor Relations Office seeking advice on all types of employee relation matters.  
Negotiations/Statewide Meet and Discuss 
On behalf of the Chancellor, the Labor Relations office leads/co-leads the negotiations process with the various represented employee groups and provides tentative agreements/understandings to the Board of Governors for its approval.
The Labor Relations office schedules and meets with Statewide union leaders as necessary in accordance with the Public Employee Relations Act and the applicable collective bargaining agreements/memoranda of understanding. 
Contract Administration
Providing guidance to universities in responding to collective bargaining agreement/memorandum of understanding questions and interpretations. 
The Labor Relations office assists the universities and the Office of the Chancellor in responding to charges that are filed at the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board.
Develop and deliver relevant trainings to leaders on a variety of labor relations topics and their interaction with the collective bargaining agreements/memoranda of understanding and side letters in order to equip leaders with the tools necessary to manage their personnel complement. Trainings can be delivered in a one on one or in a group setting using a variety of modalities.