​​ Reverse Transfer Agreement Between 
Pennsylvania Community Colleges and Pennsylvania’​s State​ System of Higher Education

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This program provides an opportunity for students who have trans​​ferred from a community college in Pennsylvania to a State System university to receive an associate’s degree once they earn a total of at least 60 credits.


How does this program benefit stude​nts?

Obtaining an associate’s degree enhances an individual’s earning potential, even as he or she continues working toward a bachelor’s degree or other certification or credential.

​Who will be eligible to participate i​n this program?

Students who began their post-secondar​​y education at a community college in Pennsylvania and earned a minimum of 45 credits, including those earned through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Credit by Exam and the military, before transferring to a State System university, from which they have earned at least 15 additional credits, excluding remedial and developmental credits.  

Are there grade requireme​nts?

The student must have earned a minimum GPA of 2.0 while attending community college within the last five years. The student also must have earned a GPA of 2.0 or higher at the State System university. Only grades of “C” or higher will transfer back to the community college for cons​ideration towa​rd an associate’s degree. 

How will students know they are​ eligible to participate in this program?

Students meeting the initial criteria (earning 45 credits at a community college) will be identified upon completion of the minimum of 15 additional credits at the State System university. The university will contact the eligible students and invite them to participate in the Reverse Transfer Pro​​gram once they have completed the minimum of 60 cumulative credits, then a second time at the end of the next semester. 

​How will the degree​s be awarded?

Qualified students fill out a Reverse Transfer Agreement Re​lease form, which will allow transcripts and contact information to be sent to the community college for review. Once the review is complete, the community college will submit a new student transcript to the State System univ​ersity that denotes the conferment of the associate’s degree. 

Who will determine a student’s eligibili​ty for receiving an associate’s degree?

The community college will review the eligible student’s transcripts ​and make that determination. It will use upper-level courses to fulfill the community college’s degree requirements when applicable. It also may determine if a student is eligible for an associate's degree in a program other than the intended program of study, based on courses complet​ed at the State System university.  

What costs will students incur ​with this program?

Students will not be charged a graduation or tra​nscript fee by the community college or university. 

"Reverse transfer has helped me finish the associate's degree that I started. I wasn't going to give up on my dream on receiving the first higher education degree in my family and no other student should." – Briana

“Reverse transfer is particularly helpful for students called to military service, having long breaks from school can add stress to an already stressful situation and having this program promotes an easy transition from serving to studying.” – Jessica

“Reverse transfer gives me the satisfaction of accomplishing my first major college milestone and motivates me to continue my academic studies.” - Brett​

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