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July 2020

At its July 2020 meeting, the Board of Governors authorized the Chancellor to review the financial impacts of potentially integrating operations at selected State System universities as part of Phase 3 of System Redesign. This effort is intended to help all State System institutions sustainably provide their students and their communities with affordable, quality higher education for years to come. 

Dan Quote R_1.jpgOctober 2020

With an eye toward expanding opportunity and service to the Commonwealth, at its October 2020 meeting, the Board of Governors affirmed the System’s efforts to continue planning for the integration of six of its universities. 

The board unanimously affirmed the process and next step after Chancellor Dan Greenstein presented findings from an initial financial review of the proposed integrations. The System is exploring two possible combinations – California-Clarion-Edinboro and Bloomsburg-Lock Haven-Mansfield – and each integration would operate as a single accredited entity with a single leadership, faculty, enrollment management strategy, and budget while honoring local identity.​

Next Steps

The next step in the integrations process is development of an implementation plan, which could be presented to the Board as early as April 2021. The process, laid out in Act 50 of 2020​, includes a 60-day public comment period and periodic updates to members of the General Assembly. The earliest an integrated university could begin accepting students would be August 2022.​

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The Process

    • Conduct a financial review of financial impacts of potential integrations (July - October 2020) 
    • Develop the implementation plan(s) for any integration(s) identified by the Board to move forward (October 2020 - April 2021)
    • Share the implementation plan(s) with the public, holding at least two public hearings and taking public comments on the plan
    • Submit the implementation plan(s) for final approval by the Board
    • Begin implementation (July 2021 - August 2022) 


Alignment Analysis

This outlines a phase one financial assessment of potential integrations, and informs the second phase of the financial review​.

Financial Review

This estimates the financial implications of proposed integrations, including enrollment impacts; revenue and expense impacts; asset, liability, reserve, and investment impacts; and local community, affiliated entity, and use of non-appropriated funds impacts.

Leadership Orientation

This presentation lays out the chancellor’s charge to the groups leading the integrations planning.​​​​​​​​​​