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2021-22 Advocacy Resource Center

Partnering for Student Success

Partner with Us!

For Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-23, the State System is seeking:

  • A historic general appropriation increase of 15% ($72 million) to $550 million to more fully respond to the State System’s and universities’ real running costs.
  • $201 million in direct state funding to reclaim our affordability advantage, reducing the financial burden on students.

ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN:  Fall 2021 - Spring 2022

While the State System is fundamentally retooling itself to increase opportunities for students and to ensure our institutions are here to serve Pennsylvanians for decades to come, a stronger renewed partnership between the System and the General Assembly is critical to the System’s pursuit of transformation and growth, further strengthening universities’ financial stability and making more affordable and accessible a State System education.

We can make the greatest difference for Pennsylvania students and our institutions when we work together. Help advance the System’s public mission of access and affordability and request for increased state support. Share news and messages promoting the impact and value of a State System education with your social networks and building relationships with state legislators.


  • Increase awareness about the impact of the State System
  • Enhance affordability for students
  • Reestablish the value of and connection between state funding and student outcomes
  • Expand access for students
  • Further strengthen universities' financial stability

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2021-22 Campaign Summary

Printable "leave-behind" document for legislators

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State System FAQ

Top 10 FY 2022-23 Budget Questions and Answers

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Take Action!

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Monthly Theme Leave-Behind Docs​​

April 2022 Theme: Economic and Social Mobility

The State System delivers value to students by providing opportunities for upward economic and social mobility. The degrees and credentials earned from a State System education help students from low-income families join the middle class and help others to continue climbing the economic ladder. A State System degree catapults graduates to good, family-sustaining jobs. Their higher incomes create economic security for their families, support their local rural or urban communities, and collectively provides a powerful boost to Pennsylvania’s economy.

Education leads to higher wages and improves economic mobility.
Education is a powerful factor for greater income and economic growth. Over their lifetime, college graduates earn 84% more than those with a high school diploma alone. On average, workers with a bachelor’s degree earn about $70,000 per year and $2.8 million throughout their career. Each additional education level typically pays off with higher income jobs throughout a lifetime.

Significant additional investment is necessary to ensure a State System education is responsive to employers’ needs and accessible to everyone.

State System universities are powerful drivers to help Pennsylvanians into the middle class.

  • The State System’s high-quality education is aligned to meet the needs of Pennsylvania’s workforce at the lowest possible cost, which drives individual and community economic and social mobility.
  • On average, State System graduates earned more than the average high school graduates, regardless of family income, race/ethnicity, program of study, and System university.
  • 75% of students from low-income families climb into the middle class within a decade after graduation from a State System university.
  • State System graduates earn $866,144 more over their careers than people without a degree.

With significant additional investment in the State System and its students, Pennsylvania can restore and reinvigorate its affordable public higher education option for students, enhance its economic competitiveness, expand opportunities for economic and social mobility, and respond to employers’ urgent need for the talent they need.

Investment in the State System will drive continuing transformational change that is currently underway with the implementation of System Redesign so it is here to serve students, the community, and the Commonwealth for years to come.

Monthly Themes
State System graduates enjoy significant advantage in upward mobility
Advocacy Guide

A Guide to Meeting with Your Legislators

Be prepared with everything you’ll need to know to advocate for the State System including requesting a meeting, preparing for a meeting, telling your story, and delivering your message. 

Graphic Toolkit

Use this toolkit of downloadable campaign posters, banners, State System logos, and brand graphics throughout the #Together4PASSHE Advocacy Campaign.