Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

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Undergraduate: 2,466
Graduate: 454
Total Headcount: 2,920


Bashar W. Hanna, Ph.D.

Interim President
Bashar W. Hanna, Ph.D.

Soaring Higher: LHU health science and psychology club complete CDC mask adherence research study on campus

Lock Haven University recently completed an eight-week study to observe mask use on campus as part of the CDC’s Mask Adherence Surveillance at Colleges and Universities Project (MASCUP). More than 50 colleges and universities across the country participated in the study during the spring semester.

The LHU Health Science Club took the lead under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Rudella and Dr. Beth McMahon. Rudella is co-advisor for the club and McMahon serves as COVID coordinator for the university as part of the COVID-19 Institutional Response Team. The Psychology Club was under the direction of Dr. Cheryl Newburg.


 Points of Pride

Lock Haven has a $40 million state-of-the-art science facility that opened in 2013.

​Students pursuing Health and P.E. will earn certification to teach both health and physical education. Most institutions only offer one or the other.

Students majoring in Health Science who take Advanced Anatomy will learn anatomy in a very hands-on way by exploring human cadavers in the LHU cadaver lab.

​Our Business and Accounting programs are so closely aligned that students can earn a B.S. in both areas by taking a few extra courses.​

 Notable Alumni

Cary Kolat ​ ’03 – 2x NCAA wrestling champion, current coach of University of North Carolina

​George Durrwachter ’61 – Retired Orthodontist & Business Owner, Former Captain of the United States Air Force Dental Corp

​Nick Polk ’86 – Director of Football Operations, Atlanta Falcons

​Sara McMann ’03 – First American woman to receive a silver medal in Olympic Wrestling, former Olympian, current MMA fighter

Glen Allison ’94 – Award winning technology executive, former COO of Honey. LHU’s track & field complex is named in his family’s honor.

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