Fast Facts

Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education
(PASSHE) is the state-owned public university
system of the commonwealth. Our mission is
to provide a high-quality education at the
lowest possible cost to students.
PASSHE Universities map


The Power and Promise of PASSHE

As Pennsylvania’s most affordable four-year public higher education option, PASSHE has the power and promise to provide students with affordable education and training opportunities beyond high school, setting students on the path to achieving the career—and life—they want in Pennsylvania.

  • State System students earn $866,144 more over their career than those without a degree
  • 62% of graduates are still living and woking in Pennsylvania one decade after graduation
  • $4 billion in toal economic impact in 2019-20
  • 41% increase in the amount of institutional aid awarded per student since 2017-18
  • 6 consecutive years of frozen tuition
  • 75% of students from low-income families climb into th middle class a decade after graduation

Get to know our 82,000 students

Most State System students come from Pennsylvania, and most will stay in Pennsylvania after graduation. Regardless of zip code or family background, the System prepares students for professional and personal success.

  • 88% from PA
  • 30% first-generation
  • 32% low-income Pell recipients
  • 20% under-represented minority
  • 8% adult age, 25 or older
  • 20% part-time