Dear Fellow Trustees,

On Tuesday, June 27, 2023, the PACT Board held a meeting to update our bylaws, finalize the 2023-24 budget, and receive information about future PACT conferences.

Bylaws: The major item discussed was the composition of the PACT board to address the implications of integration. Since trustees have been appointed from each integrated campus to staggered terms from 2 to 6 years on the CoTs of Commonwealth and Penn West universities, the board will be composed of representatives from each of the historic campuses; keeping the number of representatives on the board at fourteen. You can find the revised bylaws on the home page.

Budget: The 2023-24 budget and a freeze in dues for the current and 2023-24 year were approved.

Conferences: It was recommended to forego the fall conference and work towards a spring conference. More information will be shared at a later date.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Rich Frerichs


PACT Officers

  • Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg - Mr. Ray Zaborney  
  • Commonwealth University - Lock Haven - Mr. Krystjan Callahan  
  • Commonwealth University - Mansfield - Ms. Karen J. Russell (vice chair, PACT treasurer)  
  • Cheyney - Ms. Cheryl E. Harper  
  • East Stroudsburg - Mr. Thomas Grayuski (PACT secretary)   
  • IUP - Mr. Nathan T. Spade  
  • Kutztown - Mr. John P. Wabby  
  • Millersville - Dr. Richard L. Frerichs (PACT president)
  • PennWest California - Mr. Barry Niccolai  
  • PennWest Clarion - Honorable Donna Oberlander  
  • PennWest Edinboro - Mr. Mark A. Bellini (PACT 2nd vice president)
  • Shippensburg  - Mr. L. Michael Ross (PACT first vice president)
  • Slippery Rock - Mr. Jeffrey Smith  
  • West Chester - Honorable Stephen Kinsey