The Voluntary Phased Retirement program is intended to meet the needs of faculty members who wish to transition into full retirement while continuing to provide service to their university. The program allows a faculty member to have a gradual work commitment reduction over a defined period of time at a reduced compensation level. Phased Retirement will allow both the faculty member and the university to effectively plan ahead, and provide adequate time for tenured faculty members to share their knowledge and experience with the next generation of faculty.

Upon approval of a Phased Retirement Application, the faculty member must complete the Phased Retirement Agreement Template, indicating the effective date of his/her retirement, attach the approved Phased Retirement Application, and submit it to the university president for signature.  After the document has been fully executed, a copy will be provided to the faculty member, along with copies to university Human Resources, the Dean/Other appropriate manager, State APSCUF and Local APSCUF.

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Faculty Members will be eligible for the program if they qualify for retiree health care. View the retiree website to review the health care eligibility.

Years of Service - The faculty member must meet the required years of service at the start of the phased retirement arrangement.

Age - the faculty member must meet the required age by the end of the phased retirement period established in the arrangement.

  • Review the Voluntary Phased Retirement information.
  • Complete the Phased Retirement Proposed Application and submit to your Dean (or other appropriate manager) with a copy to your department Chair, University President, and Human Resources (who will verify your eligibility for participation).
  • Within 30 days of submission, the President (or designee) will notify you of the status. If approved, a formal agreement will be sent to you for signature.
  • The final agreement must be executed at least 60 days prior to the start date of the academic year and, once fully executed, is irrevocable. 


Arrangement Specifics

Detailed information related to the phased retirement process. 

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Terms of Employment During Participation

Employment information during the phased retirement arrangement. 

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