Help your family cover your final expenses, including funeral costs - Cigna Life insurance helps your family during a difficult time by providing additional financial resources when they need it most. 


Who is Eligible? 

VGLIP coverage is available to active, permanent full-time or permanent part-time employee who works at least 50% of the full-time work week or a temporary full-time or part-time faculty member working at least 50% of full-time for one full academic year.

Benefits elected within the first 31 days of eligibility will be issued without evidence of good health (subject to applicable coverage limits).  If you wish to elect at any other time or elect coverage in excess of the guaranteed issue limits, evidence of good health will be required.

​How much coverage can I get?

Employee - increments of $10,000; guaranteed coverage $150,000; maximum coverage $500,000
Spouse - increments of $5,000; guaranteed coverage $25,000; maximum coverage $100,000
Children - amounts of $5,000 or $10,000, guaranteed coverage $10,000
VGLIP/ADD Brochure and Information  


Programs offered with enrollment in VGLIP:

Survivor Assurance Se​rvices
Beneficiary support services, including bereavement counseling, legal and financial guidance.

My ​Secure Advantage
Will preparation, identify theft and money coaching services.


VGLIP Certificate

Conversion/Portability Forms 

VGLIP Conversion Application​
VGLIP Family Portability Form
VGLIP Dependent Child Portability Form​
Portability vs. Conversion 

Additional Forms and Information

Beneficiary Designation Form
VGLIP Waiver of Premium Form
VGLIP Proof of Loss Form
VGLIP Affidavit of Disabled Child Form

Enrollment Forms

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