The State System's founding legislation (Act 188 of 1982) provides broad statutory authority to the various governing bodies of the State System.

The Board of Governors establishes System-wide policies by which all State System universities operate. The Chancellor provides procedures, standards, and guidelines for the administration of the State System and its Universities. This site provides a library of the Board of Governors Policies and State System Procedures and Standards.

A responsible office is listed on the first page of each procedure and standard. Please contact that office with questions about the interpretation or content of a specific procedure or standard, or the policy(ies) with which it is associated.

Some functional areas have extensive procedures by which they operate, which are assembled into various manuals. In addition, most of the State System's operating requirements concerning employee groups are promulgated within collective bargaining agreements. These documents are also accessible from this site through the related procedure/standard.

Each university has its own set of institutional policies and procedures located on its website.