Can I finish what I started?

Yes. You can, at any one of our universities.

If you have credits from a community college or other college/university, we encourage you to finish at any of the State System universities. The faculty and staff will work with you to ensure you receive maximum credit for coursework you have completed and develop an advising plan so that you can earn your degree in a timely manner.  

You can also transfer courses between and among State System universities.

Successful completion of an associate degree at a Pennsylvania community college or Lackawanna College guarantees your admission to a State System university.

You are guaranteed junior standing at a State System university when you transfer with an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree from a Pennsylvania community college or Lackawanna College into a parallel academic program or as part of the Pennsylvania Statewide P2P agreements.

If you are on active duty military status or are a military veteran or returning adult student, State System universities will work with you to translate your prior learning into college credit!

What is reverse transfer?

Through the seamless reverse transfer of credit, Pennsylvania's community colleges and State System universities have a statewide agreement that allows former community college students to obtain an associate's degree with credits they've already earned.