System Redesign

System Redesign provides a roadmap for universities and the System to address financial and operational changes so students have access to affordable public higher education.

The State System is undergoing an innovative and bold redesign to fundamentally transform education and business models while prioritizing student success.

System Redesign is a multi-phase, System-wide effort to 1) advance student success; 2) leverage universities' strengths as a system; and 3) enhance "systemness" through established metrics-based expectations for each university's financial stability, transparency, accountability, and sustainability.


Focus on Student Success

The State System is aligning its degree programs with the marketplace, ramping up online learning opportunities and community college transfers, and expanding workforce credentials to add value to graduates and help working adults to upskill or reskill to advance their careers.

Unprecedented University Change

System Redesign includes the unprecedented step of creating two regional institutions on July 1, 2022, by bringing together three universities in western Pennsylvania (California, Clarion, and Edinboro) to create Pennsylvania Western University (PennWest), and three universities in northeastern Pennsylvania (Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, and Mansfield) to create Commonwealth University. These two new powerhouse institutions provide students with access to more academic programs and opportunities while providing greater financial stability to the universities. The effort demonstrates the creative, collaborative approach to problem solving that System Redesign has inspired.

Historic Funding Increase

As part of the System Redesign effort, the State System has worked hard to restore its reputation with the legislature and governor by listening to their concerns and taking action to rebuild trust. In the process, the System cultivated bipartisan legislative support that resulted in a historic funding increase of $75 million (16 percent) to $552.5 million in the 2022-23 state budget. Pennsylvania is also investing $125 million in one-time federal funds in PASSHE universities.

This unprecedented funding recognizes that the System is delivering positive results and more opportunities for students while creating a much better chance that businesses will have the educated workforce they need


Redesign Enters New Phase – Reinvest & Renew

With the increased state investment, State System universities are moving forward with the most impactful phase of System Redesign—expanding opportunities and improving outcomes for all our students, including reaching students who have been historically underserved by universities and colleges. As the System pushes forward with innovation, it will explore items such as the following examples:

  • Program mix and pathways (e.g., non-degree credentials; three-year baccalaureate degree)
  • Student supports (e.g., holistic advising)
  • Delivery modalities (e.g., online learning)
  • System opportunities (e.g., innovations from faculty, staff, and students)




System Redesign Summary 2022