Implementation Plan Summary - West

This implementation plan outlines the work of more than 400 students, faculty, and staff in the West in developing a single integrated university that provides high-quality, affordable postsecondary education at three partner campuses — California, Clarion, and Edinboro. Students at each of the campuses being considered for integration will:
  • Have access to a comprehensive range of postsecondary degrees and credentials, including a wide range of majors, minors, and areas of concentration;
  • Enjoy a residential university experience including face-to-face classes and engagement with faculty and staff, participation on athletic teams, in co-curricular activities, and in student clubs and organizations—all while providing opportunities for working student and others seeking online and hybrid opportunities; and
  • Benefit from enhanced support services that lead to improved educational outcomes.
The integrated university will have:
  • A single president and leadership team with one reporting relationship to the Board of Governors through the Chancellor;
  • A unified faculty providing instruction in a single academic program array that leverages program, faculty, and facilities strengths at the three partner campuses and in which the majority of credentials, majors, minors, and areas of concentration are available to all students at each of the partner campuses through a combination of face-to-face and remote instruction —with general education courses available on each campus through face-to-face instruction;
  • An integrated enrollment management strategy and student-facing supports and services;
    A robust student recruitment process with an expanding array of high schools, community colleges, and other education providers, including robust dual enrollment and transfer articulation agreements and associated student supports;
  • A comprehensive range of fully online programs, integrating existing program and including fully online undergraduate and degree-completion programs; and
  • Continued use of the California, Clarion, and Edinboro brand identities as part of the integrated university.
Of all trajectories evaluated by the Board of Governors, this approach provides the best path to financially sustainable operations and ensures we continue to provide an affordable, high-quality education at each of the System’s institutions. While understanding that integration by itself does not solve all challenges facing the State System, the plan shows that through this effort our universities can do more together than any one can do alone.

Guide to Plan Changes (7/7/21)