As Pennsylvania’s most affordable four-year public higher education option, PASSHE has the power to provide students with affordable education and training opportunities beyond high school, setting students on the path to achieving the career—and life—they want in Pennsylvania. 

PASSHE students come from all walks of life, experiences, and income levels from every corner of the state. Many are the first in their family to go to college, working while learning, or raising children. Their education and distinct campus and residential experiences at a PASSHE university propel them into good sustaining jobs that create economic security for themselves and their families and provide a tremendous return on investment. 

From driving social mobility to serving as engines of workforce development, the power and promise of PASSHE shows daily in what our universities do for their students, their communities, and the commonwealth. PASSHE prepares generation after generation of students for success. 

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Power & Promise: The Voices of PASSHE

PASSHE universities have the power to provide all students with affordable education and training opportunities beyond high school, and the promise to provide students with the support they need to be successful in their careers—and in life. Learn more about the power and promise of PASSHE through the voices of students, faculty, staff and others who share their insights about the opportunities our universities provide. 

  • State System students earn $866,144 more over their careers than those without a degree.
  • 63% of State System students are still living and working in Pennsylvania a decade after graduation.
  • 75% of students from low-income families climb into the middle class a decade after graduation.
  • The average amount of institutional aid awarded per first-time, full-time State System student has increased by 32% between 2017-18 and 2020-21.
  • $83 million = the amount of tuition and fee revenue the State System has foregone by freezing tuition the last four years (2019-2020 to 2022-2023).
  • State System universities contribute $4 billion in economic impact to Pennsylvania (2021 study).
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Sabina Bower  

PASSHE provides cost-effective, quality education across all of its schools. PASSHE gives prospective students a range of options for their education - a school near the city versus a rural area, the size of university they are looking for, multiple division options for athletics, and an endless option for majors/minors. That's the power of PASSHE and no other system can compete with that.”— Sabina Bower ’23 

Molly Gallagher  

The power and promise of PASSHE is ensuring that generations of Pennsylvania students from all walks of life have the access and opportunity to pursue public higher education in the state they call home. Affordable public higher education is a means of social and economic mobility for students in our state that must be protected.”— Molly Gallagher ’18 

Logan Steigerwalt  

PASSHE provides a promise to deliver a high-quality, affordable education to students of all backgrounds and demographics, allowing them to blossom and succeed to incredible heights. Students have the power and opportunities to learn and grow not only while in school, but afterwards in their careers as future industry-leading professionals.”— Logan Steigerwalt ’17 

Shaina Hilsey  

The power and promise of PASSHE is an extraordinary, enriching, and fulfilling education experience at an affordable and attainable cost. The most important PASSHE promise is equipping students with humility, kindness, and compassion, which are increasingly necessary to embrace, challenge, and solve today’s global issues.”— Shaina Hilsey ’18 

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