2023-24 Advocacy Resource Center


PASSHE universities have the power and promise to lead the state as engines of economic development and social mobility for all Pennsylvanians – opening doors to more opportunity and providing meaningful value through increased wages and personal growth.


Budget Request

The State System is requesting state funding of $623.7 million, a $38 million or 6.5% increase over the current fiscal year. The budget request reflects the objective of freezing the basic in-state undergraduate tuition rate for another year while acknowledging the State System’s increasing costs due to current and projected inflation. Any funding received above the requested amount will further aid in efforts to reduce costs to students, increase student success, and expand student opportunities.



Take Action!

Now through June 30, 2024, PASSHE students, alumni, and faculty can share their stories and testimonials and act as champions on behalf of PASSHE and its universities. Other advocates can amplify these stories along with impactful data that supports the State System’s 2024-25 budget request.

  • Write letters and emails
  • Be an online advocate
  • Share your story by video
  • Meet with legislators
  • Contact your legislators by phone