Audit Compliance and Risk Committee

The Audit and Compliance Committee provides strategic leadership and policy oversight to ensure that System and university operations are conducted in accordance with internally established and externally mandated compliance standards. The committee will promote a continuously improving environment to achieve the System’s goals and objectives by establishing expectations for: statutory and regulatory compliance, audit and risk assessment practices, operational integrity, and functional accountability. The committee serves as the principal point of contact between the Board of Governors and external auditors/regulators.

Chair: Janet L. Yeomans
Members: Sen. Judith L. Schwank; Robert W. Bogle; William “Bill” Gindlesperger
(Ex-Officio): Cynthia D. Shapira, Ed.D.


The Executive Committee shall have the authority to act for the Board, subject to ratification of all actions at the next regular meeting of the Board of Governors. The Executive Committee is composed of the officers of the Board and the chairpersons of committees established by the Board.

Chair: Cynthia D. Shapira, Ed.D.
Members: David M. Maser; Samuel H. Smith; Larry C. Skinner; Janet L. Yeomans

Governance and Leadership

The Governance and Leadership Committee is focused on ensuring excellence and best practices in executive management of the System and its 14 universities. The committee provides strategic leadership and policy oversight regarding the effective distribution of authority, accountability, and responsibility among the Board of Governors, Councils of Trustees, the chancellor, and the presidents. The committee also reviews and recommends strategies for the recruitment, development, and retention of university presidents and oversees human resources policy on behalf of the Board of Governors.

Chair: Samuel H. Smith
Members: Abigail Hancox; David M. Maser; Sen. Judith L. Schwank
(Ex-Officio): Cynthia D. Shapira, Ed.D.

Student Success

The Student Success Committee is focused on achieving the System’s number one priority: ensuring all students graduate in a timely manner with a path forward that leads to individual fulfillment and career success. The committee provides strategic leadership and policy oversight of the academic programs and related student support services provided by the System’s universities. More specifically, the committee’s scope is focused on the policies and strategies that will support the universities in enabling student access and success, including degree programs/attainment, program approval process; strategic enrollment management; student support services; and other appropriate areas.

Chair: David M. Maser
Vice Chair: Marian D. Moskowitz
Members: Larry C. Skinner; Darrek Harshberger; Rep. Tim Briggs; Sen. David Argall; Dr. Kate Shaw
(Ex-Officio): Cynthia D. Shapira, Ed.D.

University Success

The University Success Committee is focused on excellence in stewardship of our institutions. It provides strategic leadership and policy oversight to leverage university strengths that stimulate financial and operational longevity at the university and System level. The committee will foster collaboration among universities—and between universities and the System office—to provide the most efficient and effective academic/business models that prepare students for success. The committee’s scope includes allocation and alignment of resources (financial, geographic, human, and physical) to promote collaboration, innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness; with a recognition of institutional and regional differences in needs, cost, price, and affordability.

Chair: Larry C. Skinner
Vice Chair: Neil R. Weaver
Members: Daniel A. Klingerman; Janet L. Yeomans; Rep. Brad Roae; William “Bill” Gindlesperger; Akbar Hossain
(Ex-Officio): Cynthia D. Shapira, Ed.D.