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Benefits are listed by your Highmark group number.  You were provided your group number when you enrolled in AHCP or when you transitioned to Signature 65 coverage. You may also contact the Central Benefits Office or Highmark to obtain your group number. View the booklets page to review your plan information.

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Agreement to Cancel AHCP Form
Annuitant Health Care Change Form
Auto Debit Banking Form
Delayed AHCP Election Form
Delayed Surviving Spouse Election Form
Disabled Dependent Certification Form
Major Medical Claim Form
Student Certification Form


Additional Information

Identity Protection Services from Experian
Blue 365 Discount
How to Print a Temporary ID Card
Medicare Benefits Summary
Medicare Part D Notice of Creditable Coverage
Signature 65 Prescription Drug Discount Plan
BlueCross BlueShield International Travel (Pertains to Under 65 PPO members only)

Note: If enrolled in Signature 65 and are traveling internationally, members submit out of network claims directly to Highmark using the address on the back of their ID card and label the claim as a "foreign claim." The claim will be processed against the Major Medical benefit as Medicare would not apply.  



Highmark Blue Shield  1-888-745-3212
State Employees' Retirement System (SERS)  1-800-633-5461
Public School Employees' Retirement System (PSERS)  1-888-773-7748

Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP)
Fidelity  1-800-343-0860
TIAA  1-800-842-2252  


Other Helpful Links

Medicare  1-800-633-4227
Social Security Administration  1-800-772-1213

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