When can I make changes to my health plan?

You will be provided an open enrollment notification in May or June in which you may add or remove dependents from your AHCP coverage. Outside of open enrollment, if you experience a qualifying life event you may be able to add or remove dependents.​

Adding Eligible Dependents

You must submit a completed AHCP Enrollment Change form within 60 days of the qualifying life event, along with any additional required documentation. Common qualifying life events are listed below:
- You gain a dependent through birth or adoption (must provide a copy of the birth certificate);
- You get married (must provide a copy of the marriage certificate);
- Your dependent loses coverage under another employer’s plan

Removing Dependents

Please contact us immediately if any of the following events occur:
- Your covered child reaches age 19 and is not a full‐time student (unless disabled);
- You get divorced (must provide a divorce decree);
- Death of a dependent

Who can I cover under my health plan?

You may cover your legal spouse, your same-sex domestic partner (excluding SCUPA, SPFPA and OPEIU) and dependent children up to age 19. Dependent children age 19 to 25 are eligible for coverage only if they are a full time student or disabled.

The Central Benefits Office certifies full time student status of dependents at the beginning of each semester for all dependents between the ages of 19 and 25. ​