What happens when my spouse or I turn 65?

You will be automatically enrolled in our Signature 65 Medicare Complement coverage, in which Medicare Part A is required and Medicare Part B may be required. Required enrollment in Medicare Part B depends upon your retirement date and bargaining unit participation. Approximately two to three months prior to the month in which you turn 65, the Central Benefits Office will send you an email, if one is on file, or a letter including the following information:

- Effective date that Signature 65 Medicare Complement c‚Äčoverage starts;

- Your new monthly premium (if applicable);

- Your new group number;

- Information on the discount prescription drug program;

Medicare benefits summary‚Äč;


What if I turn 65 and my spouse is under 65 (or, if my spouse turns 65 before me)?

Only the person turning 65 will be moved to the Signature 65 plan. Anyone under 65 will remain in their current plan until they become eligible for Medicare.