​​​Dental/Vision Insurance

The REHP does not offer dental or vision coverage to retirees. ​

You may be eligible for the following:
If you are receiving a pension or eligible to receive a pension from the Commonwealth/State System, vision and dental coverage may be available through PARSE (www.parseofpa.org).

Prescription drug coverage

Retirees under 65 have the same prescription drug coverage they had as an active employee through CVS Caremark.  To view more information navigate to the PEBTF site.
Retirees over 65 have prescription drug coverage through SilverScript Insurance.  To view more information, navigate to the PEBTF site


Group Life Insurance

Your employer-paid group life insurance coverage will cease on the last day of the month in which your employment ends. You will receive a conversion notice directly from MetLife. You have the option to convert the same or a lesser amount of your current group coverage into an individual insurance policy purchased at your own expense.
You may be eligible for continued insurance due to a disability through MetLife if you are proven to be totally disabled. For more information contact MetLife’s customer service unit at 855.972.5433.

Voluntary Benefits After Retirement

Voluntary Group Life (VGLIP) and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (ADD) insurance
Your VGLIP/ADD coverage will cease on your last day of employment. You will need to obtain a form from your human resource office to convert/port any existing coverage with CIGNA.
     -  Portability vs. Conversion
Long Term Disability
LTD insurance will cease at the time of retirement.
Tax-Sheltered Annuity 403(b) (TSA)
Money can be withdrawn at any time after separation. Contact your financial advisor or vendor representative for more information.
Deferred Compensation 457
Money can be withdrawn at any time after separation. Contact your Empower representative for more information.
Flexible Spending Account
Remember to submit qualified expenses incurred prior to your date of separation.  Reimbursement from your medical account will not be permitted for expenses incurred after your last day worked, unless you elect COBRA coverage for FSA.