System Redesign Priorities

Phase 1 Task Groups (Completed)

 Small, tactical groups are being used throughout the System Redesign to accomplish specific tasks that support each of our three strategic priorities. Below is a list of the existing task groups and an archive of past task groups; others may be added over time. 

1Ensuring student success

Our universities already are focused on student success, and we want every student to graduate in a timely manner with a path forward that leads to his or her individual success.

• Phase 2 Task Group: "Student Success"

2Leveraging university strengths

Each university has unique strengths. We need to capitalize on those strengths through greater collaboration. Working together, we can leverage the power of 14.

3Transforming the governance and leadership structure

We are implementing best practices to move the System from a focus on compliance to a focus on strategy and to empower our leaders to make bold decisions that place the needs of students first.