The Faculty Council engages in strategic conversations about issues that affect the State System and its universities in  areas such as academics, budget and planning, and, ultimately, student success. 

Board of Governors Policy

Elected Members

University Name Email
Cheyney O Denis Ekwerike
Commonwealth-Bloomsburg Rajendra Dulal
Commonwealth-Lock Haven  Jennifer Deitloff 
Commonwealth-Mansfield Gretchen Sechrist
East Stroudsburg Nancy VanArsdale
Indiana Francisco Alarcón
Kutztown Mary Rita Weller
Millersville Tiffany Wright
PennWest California Scott Hargraves
PennWest Clarion Jamie Phillips
PennWest Edinboro Julie Barry
Commonwealth-Lock Haven  Jennifer Deitloff 
Commonwealth-Mansfield Gretchen Sechrist
Shippensburg Elizabeth Fisher
Slippery Rock Danette Dimarco
West Chester Tina Chiarelli-Helminiak

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles for the Faculty Council—developed October 2020 by the Board’s Commission on Faculty Shared Governance to guide its work in developing a shared governance model to inform system-level issues—are that shared governance: 
  • Requires an investment of the time necessary to build relationships that foster mutual accountability, respect, and trust;
  • Provides a forum for engagement; 
  • Requires mutual commitment to a collaborative policy development process; 
  • Respects university-level shared governance/processes; 
  • Reflects processes/structures/ practices that are understandable, accepted, transparent, and sustainable; 
  • Augments, but does not supplant, the existing shared governance role of the collective bargaining unit;
  • Establishes common ground that builds morale and collaboration—acknowledging the successes and failures of the past to inform decision making about the future; 
  • Creates a supportive environment that allows for healthy tension in which sharing of different perspectives and ideas enables problem solving; 
  • Depends upon timely and effective communication with active sharing of reliable information; and, 
  • Requires periodic assessment to gauge effectiveness.

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