What is SEAP and how can it help me?

SEAP is a free assessment and referral service for State System employees and their family members; this includes everyone who lives in your house, as well as your parents, adult children, and siblings regardless of where they live.

Services are available 24/7 by calling 1-800-692-7459.  Each university has a designated SEAP coordinator in the Human Resources Office who also can answer questions about the program. The services provided by SEAP are strictly confidential - your employer will not be notified unless you give written consent. 

SEAP Hotline 1-800-692-7459
1-800-824-4306 TDD 

Available 24 hours a day
or log on to www.liveandworkwell.com 
access code: Pennsylvania

 What's included in your benefit:

  • Unlimited use of the SEAP hotline at no cost to you.
  • Up to six face-to-face sessions for you (and each family member who accesses SEAP) with a SEAP counselor for each issue or problem, and the benefit renews each calendar year. (Remember, you must call SEAP first to have all visits pre-approved.)
  • Free telephonic financial or telephonic legal consultation, which you can access by calling the SEAP hotline.
  • SEAP provides discounted legal mediation services.
  • Access information on the Live and Work Well website as often as you want at no charge.

SEAP Flyer

Legal Services

Access to licensed state-specific attorneys, including free unlimited phone consultations, and a free 30 minute face-to-face consultation with a referred Attorney. Ongoing representation by an attorney is also available at a 25% discounted rate. 

Financial Services

SEAP offers free, confidential access to experts. Financial counseling services help you find answers to questions about budget planning, credit card debit, home buying, and more. |

WorkLife Services

Enlist the help of a personal concierge to access a wide array of pre-screened and qualified resources. Whether you are looking for a mechanic to fix your car, after school care for your child, or suggestions for a night out, WorkLife can find it, saving you time and effort!

  • Adult and elder-care support
  • Child and family support
  • Chronic illness and condition support  
  • Convenience services
  • Educational resources

Enhanced Caregiver Support

Caring for a family member can often feel overwhelming, especially if you are new to the role. This service provides you with expert advice and support with care planning, in-home assistance, coordination services, and community resources.  Choose from:  

  • Six free hours of professional support caring for a loved one, including help with coordinating transportation, help locating the best options for in-home care, and more, OR
  • An in-home assessment to develop a plan of care that will identify concerns, solutions, and provide verified resources and referrals to support the recommendations.

Self Care Services

Access the latest coping tools, meditations and more at no additional cost to you — when and how you want. All designed to help you understand your emotional well-being and reduce stress and worry.