​​​​​​​​​​​​​The PEBTF offer​s the following options for health care coverage to employees, who meet eligibility requirements.  Employees may view the Summary of Benefits for information on all of the benefits offered to PEBTF covered employees. For detailed information regarding the medical and supplemental plans, view the PEBTF Summary Plan Description.​


Newly eligible employees can elect single coverage. If you wish to add a dependent, there is a buy-up for the first 90 days of employment​.

Basic PPO​​ Choice PPO​​ HMO​​

Wellness Rewards - ​Get Healthy​​

The Pennsylvania Employees Benefit Trust Fund (PEBTF) offers confidential wellness screenings that give you valuable information about your health and health risks. You may then visit your doctor to discuss your results and set goals for better health. Your health and well-being are important to the PEBTF. If each of us manages our health issues and maintains a healthy lifestyle, we can p​ositively impact our total health care costs. The wellness screenings are offered to employees only.

New or newly eligible employees will pay an additional 2.5% of their biweekly salary at the start of enrollment. Employees must complete the Wellness Screening within 45 days of the date in which the communication letter is sent from the PEBTF to qualify for participation in Get Healthy. If the Wellness Screening is completed wit​hin this time period, the employee will be refunded the additional 2.5% paid since enrollment. Employees will be required to meet continued participation requirements annually.​​

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Prescription can be added from the start of eligibility, however there is a buy-up for the first 90 days.  Dental, Vision, and Hearing can be elected 90 days after the start of employment​ and cannot be elected separately.

Dental​​ Hearing​​ Prescription​​ Vision​​​

​Additional Benefit Information

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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

​The Patient Protection and Affordable​ Care Act (PPACA) - also known as Health Care Reform - requires that employer plans provide a uniform Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) for all group health plans which are subject to this reporting requirement.