Annual Leave

Up to 3 years of service - 4.24% of regular hours paid, 11 days per year
3-15 years of service - 7.32% of regular hours paid, 19 days per year
Over 15 years of service - 9.24% of regular hours paid, 24 days per year

Employees hired before July 1, 2011 are eligible for the following:
Over 25 years of service - 11.55% of regular hours paid, 30 days per year

  • Up to 45 days of unused leave may be carried from one year to the next
  • Leave in excess of 45 days not used within the first seven pay periods of the new leave calendar year will be converted to sick leave up to the maximum accumulation
  • Payment for unused leave at termination/retirement


Sick Leave

4.24% of regular hours paid, 11 days per year.

  • Unused leave may be carried from one year to the next
  • 300 days maximum accumulation
  • Employees who have more than one year of service since their most recent date of hire and who use no sick leave (other than sick leave used for bereavement leave) in an entire one-half leave calendar year shall earn an additional one-half day of annual leave. A maximum of one additional day of annual leave may be earned per leave calendar year.
  • Employees who meet certain criteria may be eligible for a payout of their sick leave upon retirement.  Refer to the Retirement Guide for details.

Bereavement and Sick Family Leave*

Death of relative - 3-5 days, depending on relationship
Sickness of immediate family - 5 days per calendar year
*Leave used is deducted from your sick leave balance

Additional leave for sickness in immediate family may be used for a serious health condition after meeting certain criteria; employees may use accrued sick leave, in addition to the five day entitlement, for a family member's serious health condition in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Over 1-3 years - 7 days
  • Over 3-15 years - 15 days
  • Over 15-25 years - 20 days
  • Over 25 years - 26 days