Sick Leave

Full-time Coaches - 15 days for each 47-week service period
Part-time Coaches - Pro-rated basis

  • Credited at beginning of service period
  • Each full day absence charged at 7.5 hrs. and for no more than 5 days per week
  • Unused leave may be carried from one year to the next
  • Maximum accumulation 300 days
  • Employees who meet certain criteria may be eligible for a payout of their sick leave upon retirement.  Refer to the Retirement Guide for details.


Bereavement and Sick Family Leave

Death of relative - 3-5 days depending on relationship
Sickness of immediate family - 5 days per contract year


Personal Leave

Full-time Coach - 2 days per service period

  • No carryover from previous year
  • Payment for unused accrued leave at termination/retirement