Sick Leave

Regular Full-Time Faculty - 15 days each academic year of service
Regular Part-Time Faculty - Pro-rated based upon your standard workload assigned
Full-Time temporary employed for 1 academic year - 15 days
Full-Time temporary employed for 1 academic semester - 7.5 days
Part-Time temporary - 1 day per semester
  • Use limited to 90 days per calendar year
  • Unused leave may be carried from one year to the next
  • Unlimited accumulation
  • Faculty members with at least 315 accumulated sick days must contribute 1 day annually to sick leave bank
  • Employees who meet certain criteria may be eligible for a payout of their sick leave upon retirement.  Refer to the Retirement Guide for details. 


Bereavement and Sick Family Leave

For the death of immediate family - 3-5 days per event.

  • No leave will be charged for up to 3 days; faculty member may use up to an additional 2 days of sick leave for this purpose.

Sickness of immediate family - 5 days per event.

Personal Leave

12-month faculty members - 5 days per calendar year
10-month faculty members - 3 days per calendar year
9-month faculty members - 2 days per calendar year
Regular part-time faculty members - Pro-rated basis
Temporary part-time faculty members - Not eligible

  • No carryover from previous year